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Our group of Gigante, Nicaragua students sponsored by Ezulwini Foundation.  (Our youngest grandchild, Lisette, is in the foreground)


Ezulwini Foundation


Ezulwini Foundation Inc. is the family foundation (501C) of Walter and Els van Woudenberg, their children and grandchildren.


We have been very fortunate to enjoy success in our lives, and it is our wish to share this success with those less fortunate.


Our philosophy is to support a limited number of core causes, focusing on education, kids health, and the communities we live in.


We make an effort to support initiatives where we as a family, can enhance the cause by adding additional assets, such as our human capital, (know-how) and relational capital (connections) to enhance, support, and be engaged with the causes we fund.


We believe that this personal engagement in the actual organizations we support enhances the potential for achieving common objectives, and makes our gifting more gratifying.


Ezulwini Foundation's key causes:

  • Fabretto Children's Fund, Nicaragua - fabretto.org
  • Custer County Schools, Colorado USA - custercountyschools.org
  • iHuman Youth Program, Edmonton, Alberta Canada - ihumanyouthsociety.org
  • Smile Train - smiletrain.org